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Week 3 - Mural Painting and Street Art - ADRW 250 PC3

Week 3 - Mural Painting and Street Art - ADRW 250 PC3

$ 350.00

Mural Painting and Street Art

Immerse yourself in the world of street art and mural painting. Students will be given a comprehensive overview of the community/street art process: wall preparation, design enlargement, aerosol  and brush paint application, planning and painting a large-scale mural. Students will also have the opportunity to tour some of Detroit's best murals and public art.  

Week 3: July 9-13

9:30 am - 4 pm

ADRW 250 PC3 

$285 plus $20 transportation fee and $45 material fee.

Parent permission required for all field trips. Students working with aerosol paint must provide their own respirators. 

Ford Campus, Detroit

Students under age 16 are not allowed on campus unsupervised at any time. Students who need to be on campus prior to class start or after class end will need to be enrolled in our daily Enrichment course.

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