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Nov. 6-Dec. 18 - Ugly Dolls Club - AYTH 122 OY

Nov. 6-Dec. 18 - Ugly Dolls Club - AYTH 122 OY

$ 175.00

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Friday - Not So Ugly Dolls Club


November 6 - December 18
Seven Sessions
Instructor: Camille Hansberry

They may not be pretty, but they sure are fun.  Join this club and create your own quirky, loveable doll out of fabric and stuffing.  Create your character’s backstory.  Did they arrive by rocket ship?  Can they swim the backstroke in a pool of Kool-aide?  Do they have more eyes than hands or feet?  Inventing your character is half the fun.  Learn how to create a pattern and hand sew your new friend out of felt or fleece.  Members must be able to thread a needle independently to participate. 

Detailed Description
Classes are held live using Zoom.  Join interactive sessions led by CCS's renowned faculty and industry professionals, and give your aspiring animator a fun and supportive environment to excite and grow their creative spirit!  Work alongside your teacher and make new friends with similar interests.   Benefit from asking questions in real time. Everyone gets individualized attention and shares in the fun!  At the end of the day's session, students will be given a project to explore for another hour or two on their own to review the following week. This club is limited to 10 members. 

Checklist of Supplies Needed
  • Drawing Paper
  • Tracing Paper (optional)
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Markers and/or Ink Pens (Fine point Sharpie) 
  • Colored pencils and/or, crayons
  • Ruler (optional)
  • One yard of felt or fleece material
  • One half yard of  contrasting fabrics
  • All purpose thread
  • Sewing needles 
  • Buttons, Yarn, and other embellishments (optional)
  • Embroidery thread and needles (optional)
Upon registration students will receive a zoom invitation to join the class. 
Multi-Day After School Club Discounts Available:

  $175  1 class day

  $350  2 class days

  $475   3 class days  ($50 discount)

  $600   4 class days  ($100 discount)

  $725   5 class days  ($150 discount)

*Refunds will be issued after purchase*


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