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Week 1 – June 15-19: Beginning Animation – AYTH 112

Week 1 – June 15-19: Beginning Animation – AYTH 112

$ 295.00

In the event you are utilizing the Detroit Employee Discount for before/after enrichment, please provide your employer and a phone contact for verification.

Beginning Animation

Learn the secrets behind frame-by-frame animation. Create your own characters on computers or paper and bing them to life, creating a short animated video to show at the exhibition. Bring an 8GB USB drive to class. 

Week 1: June 15-19
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

AYTH 112 A1 (Ages 8-10)

AYTH 112 B1 (Ages 11-13)

Ford Campus, Detroit

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Students under age 16 are not allowed on campus unsupervised at any time. Students who need to be on campus prior to class start or after class end will need to be enrolled in our daily Enrichment course.

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