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Photograph Your Artwork

Photograph Your Artwork

$ 10.00

Thinking of applying to Art School?  Want to document your artwork? To capture images of excellent quality for your College Admissions and Professional Portfolios, we provide space, equipment and the means to easily document your artwork. Reserve your spot today!

The Photography Studios are at the Ford Campus Audio Visual Center (AVC) which is located in the Walter B. Ford II building, room W109. You must physically check-in with our PCS staff at the AVC before using the Studios. The AVC staff will be there to assist you in obtaining the best images for your portfolio. All you do is show up with your artwork!  

All cameras are provided and ready for use. For 2D artwork, the Stage is set up with a copy wall for large art and a copy stand for artwork under 16x20 inches. For 3D artwork, the Stage has a micro-cove, a small tabletop, a small photo booth, and a large photo booth for people or textiles.

Anticipate photographing 5-7 pieces per 30 minute reservation.

Images will be uploaded and shared with students.

Photograph Your Artwork Schedule

August 17th

10am-10:30am        WKSH 012 A

10:30am-11am        WKSH 012 B

11am-11:30 am       WKSH 012 C

11:30am-12pm        WKSH 012 D

August 19th

10am-10:30am        WKSH 012 E

10:30am-11am        WKSH 012 F

11am-11:30 am       WKSH 012 G

11:30am-12pm        WKSH 012 H