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New! Sept. 30 - Nov. 18: Large-Scale Landscape Painting - ADRW 148 A

New! Sept. 30 - Nov. 18: Large-Scale Landscape Painting - ADRW 148 A

$ 295.00

Large-Scale Landscape Painting

Imagine standing in front of the Grand Canyon and feeling tiny as you marvel at the vast and  sprawling landscape in front of you. This feeling of being small in awe of nature is what inspired  this painting course. Landscape painting allows you to momentarily escape reality and focus  on learning how to visually represent places that you may have traveled to in the past, would  like to go someday, or maybe that you have just imagined in your dreams. Working in a larger  format with landscape immerses you into the details of the places you paint and allows you to  stand in front of the immense environments in awe.

This course will teach you how to enlarge  an image, how to specifically identify and match the colors, textures, and details found in  original landscapes. Using quick drying acrylic paint you will begin to layer paint in a way that  gives the painting depth and brings your large landscape painting to life. You will learn a little  bit of history about landscape painting and the processes, techniques, & styles that artists use  to depict the natural world around us. This course is great for new and experienced painters  and will provide support and guidance for you to gain confidence and practice new skills &  techniques with painting landscapes. 

Erin Brott-Holtzman is a Michigan based visual artist & educator. Inspired by nature and driven  by curiosity to investigate the nuances that exist in daily life, she strives to visually express and  capture these occurrences through paint.

ADRW 148 A

  • Thursday, 7:15 - 10:00 PM
  • September 30 – November 18
  • 8 sessions
  • $295
  • Ford Campus, Kresge Ford Building; B*304
  • Limit 15 students
  • Instructor: Erin Brott-Holtzman

Required Materials: 



Sketchbook (Any size) 

30x40" or 36x48” Canvas 

S, M, & L Paint Brushes  

Acrylic Paints: tubes between 4oz - 8oz (Blick Studio Acrylic, or similar)

8oz tube of White Acrylic Paint (Blick Studio Acrylic, or similar)


Water container 


Optional Supplies: 

Vine Charcoal 

Gouache Paint (Primary + Black & White) 

Yard Stick 

Sta-Wet Premier Palette 

Large Sponge

Personal or found images of landscapes

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