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Illustration Online Intensive - July 12-16

Use hand-drawing techniques to express yourself visually and tell a story. Experimentation is strongly encouraged as students develop their own style and learn about the methods and materials of illustrators. 

THIS IS A GOOD CONCENTRATION IF YOU: Draw on napkins. Use drawings to explain ideas. Keep a stack of comics under your bed.

Detailed Description

The focus of this course is on concept and individual expression with continuous development of technical skills. Demonstrations and discussions on the creative process and media will be provided. Students will be given a series of assignments that will allow them to explore the different types of illustration via creative thinking and problem solving. Students can choose to work with traditional or digital media.

This one week course will help you explore the wide open field of Illustration. In this course, you will:

  • Develop ideation, drawing and rendering skills 
  • Explore various disciplines of illustration
  • Create work for a stronger college admissions portfolio
  • Meet experienced industry professionals
  • Learn under the direction of CCS faculty

Each day students will connect with Zoom calls for small-group live video chats with demos and lectures that teach industry ideation, drawing, and rendering techniques. Students will work on assignments independently, create artwork, and build their portfolios. Students will also get one-on-one attention from their professor and admissions professionals throughout the week. 10am-2:30pm eastern standard time. See tentative schedule posted with images.

This course will be taught by professional illustrator and CCS adjunct professor Erika LeBarre.  Erika works as a freelance illustrator creating work for grade school textbooks, children's magazines, and book covers. Her clients include Penguin books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Scholastic.  

You will have the amazing opportunity to interact with these nationally known artists and gain insights into various disciplines within the field of illustration.  

After a week of the 2021 Illustration Online Intensive program, students will know if this is the right career path for them and be well prepared to take the first steps toward that future.

Register now, enrollment is limited to 15 students!


1-box set of 12 or 24 Nupastel chalk pastels 
1-pencil 2B 
1-kneaded eraser
1-12" wood ruler
1-basic pink eraser (we will be cutting it in half and taping the halves to each end of the wood ruler) 
1 roll of white or masking tape
2-sheets of Canson Mi-Tientes paper (12" x 16" and 19"X 25") "tobacco", "burgundy" or "black" color  or Large Charcoal colored paper
1-tortillon (cardboard blending stick)
1-charcoal pencil (medium)
1-x-acto knife & blades
Have access to a black and white printer

By registering for this class I am confirming my participation. 

Courses will meet over Zoom in small groups of 15 or less students. Classes will be recorded and transcribed for quality purposes and made available in the event a student cannot attend class. Recordings will be deleted after 60 days. 

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