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Foundation Drawing 1" Online - PCS 101 W - Zarlinga Registration

Foundation Drawing 1" Online - PCS 101 W - Zarlinga Registration

$ 900.00

"Foundation Drawing 1" Online Dual Enrollment

High school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors  may take CCS “Foundation Drawing 1” online this Fall and save almost 80% of the cost of the class.  The cost of the $4,617 class is discounted to $900 for high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program. 

High school students living in Michigan may qualify for additional financial support through their school district. 

Build your portfolio, complete your prerequisites, and earn three college credits before you graduate from high school.  

Students will earn 3.0 transferable college credits.

Foundation Drawing 1

This course is the first course at the undergraduate level and does not assume that the student has any strongly developed drawing skills. It is further assumed that the experienced student profits by exposure to a systematic exploration of drawing methods. Its primary purpose is to introduce the student to basic concepts in drawing and then, begin to develop more creative and expressive responses. Drawing I moves the student into a more volumetric understanding of drawing as well as considerable emphasis on observational, formal composition and design. This course is an asynchronous online course.

In Asynchronous classes, no learning takes place live. Asynchronous online courses don’t have set class meeting times. Instead, students are given lecture material and assignments to complete within a window, such as one week. Online learners can access coursework 24/7 whenever their busy schedules allow. Although there are syllabus deadlines, asynchronous online classes largely let students establish their own pace within the week.

For more information about Dual Enrollment contact the Office of Precollege and Continuing Studies at 313.664.7456.