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"Digital Techniques" Online PCS 119

"Digital Techniques" Online PCS 119

$ 900.00

Digital Techniques - Online

This introductory course in computer skills is a requirement to complete the Foundation curriculum. Students will explore the computer as a tool in support of artist/designer's practice, including software required for the college information system, word processing and creative digital imagery in both pixel and vector based software. Students work with popular software packages, appropriate for design, to gain an understanding of the tools used to create and manipulate digital imagery and to develop a broad understanding of how and why the computer is so prominent in image making today.

Available as an Online Hybrid. Students work both independently and with designated online class times: T 4-6:45 pm, or W 4-6:45 pm.

ONHY = Online Hybrid 

Students meet synchronously online (through Zoom). Online hybrid integrates synchronous (live or at the same time – via Zoom) and asynchronous (not at the same time — via the Learning Management System) learning to maximize peer interaction. Students participate in live-time sessions for a limited number of classes per semester for specific purposes, such as discussion, critique, small group work, etc. Between the synchronous opportunities, students complete classwork and assignments online asynchronously.

Students will have access to Adobe Creative Suite through CCS for the duration of this course.

Dual Enrollment

Fall Semester: September 7-December 16

High school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors  may take CCS dual enrollment classes through CCS this Winter and save almost 80% of the cost of the class.  The cost of the $4,617 class is discounted to $900 for high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program. 

High school students living in Michigan may qualify for additional financial support through their school district. 

Build your portfolio, complete your prerequisites, and earn three college credits before you graduate from high school.  

Students will earn 3.0 transferable college credits.

For more information about Dual Enrollment contact the Office of Precollege and Continuing Studies at 313.664.7456.

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