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Professional Automotive Modeling - Alias Digital 3D Modeling 1- ADTR 362 A - Certificate Program

Professional Automotive Modeling - Alias Digital 3D Modeling 1- ADTR 362 A - Certificate Program

$ 300.00

Alias® - Digital 3D Modeling

Alias: Digital 3D Modeling
OEMs need digital sculptors who can prepare math data files for manufacture. This requires the ability to work with fine detail, problem solve structural and design issues, and work at a high level of skills in Alias. Though involved in the creative process, sculptors are the last link between design and manufacturing and need to communicate well with both designers and engineers. The courses required: ADTR 362 - Alias I; ADTR 366 - Alias II; ADTR 367 - Alias III. Alias

Tuition & Fees
Three courses required.
Non-Credit tuition: $2,250 per course*
Fees: $50 per course**
Estimated Total Cost: $6,900

Participants in each track of study will attend their own courses within the stated term dates. Participants will register for each course separately during the stated registration dates. CCS recommends enrolling in and completing one track of study before enrolling in the second.

Students must apply and be accepted into the program.  Accepted students will receive approval from Precollege and Continuing Studies Director. Registration on this site does not mean the students have been accepted into the program.  Application available through this link:




*Students taking Professional Automotive Modeling courses for college credit will follow CCS tuition and fee guides.

All participants will register for each course separately within designated registration dates.

Full payment is due at the time of non-credit registrations. Payment Plans are available through ACI.

** The college reserves the right to withdraw or change the program format, instructors and schedules; to revise tuition and fee structures; and to amend college policies for the efficient operation of the college. Tuition and fee rates are subject to change at any time.