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Graphic Design & Advertising – PCS 123

Graphic Design & Advertising – PCS 123

$ 300.00

Graphic Design & Advertising

Develop a visual campaign strategy and create posters, billboards, websites and magazine ads. Learn to use Adobe® InDesign® and Photoshop® to lay out and produce solutions for your design challenges. Students should be comfortable working on computers, though Adobe® Creative Suite® experience is not required.

THIS IS A GOOD CONCENTRATION IF YOU: Come up with lots of ideas. Appreciate good design. Like to organize and make things look better. Enjoy using computers.

Course Description

In this pre-college course, students will become familiar with the programs and techniques used to create graphic design and advertising creative. Students will learn to think both visually and verbally for a variety of media. This will challenge the students’ creative problemsolving capabilities and encourage new ways to generate, develop and bring ideas alive in a variety of forms. Within the 3 weeks, we will cover the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite including layout, typography, design, photography and illustration. Students will be exposed to some history of creative advertising and communication design as well as influential creative minds in the industry and the campaigns that made them and their work famous. The class will learn the art of working in roughs or thumbnails and small brainstorm sessions. How to effectively present work from internal presentations of rough ideas all the way through full blown comps to a real world client. A portion of the class will be dedicated to producing a mini campaign for a single client. Work will be done in various media to fit the client assignment. While the class has a design and art focus, it is also about solving problems creatively then finding the right way to visually and verbally to express the ideas.

Please select enrollment status, either Resident or Commuter.

July 12 – August 1, 2020

A deposit of $300 is due to register and reserve your spot for Precollege Summer Experience.
Pay-in-full registration is also available.
Final payment of remaining balance after deposit is due June 1, 2020.

Resident: $3,550
Includes room and board, most required art materials, full meal plan, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

Commuter: $3,095
Includes half board, most required art materials, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

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