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Afternoon Session - Footwear Design - WKSH 009 D

Afternoon Session - Footwear Design - WKSH 009 D

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Fashion Accessories Design: Footwear Design Master Class 
Footwear design is one of the most exciting parts of any fashion house. In this creative design workshop, you will learn interesting historical facts about shoes. You will also be given tools on how to reach for your inner shoe designer and how to express your creativity. Previous knowledge or skills are not required, but one thing is essential: the love of shoes.  .

Presented by Aki Choklat, Chair of Fashion Accessories Design

5 SCECH Points for one day of workshops combining one morning and one afternoon session.

WKSH 009 D

CCS Day of Art and Design

Morning Session D

February 28, 2020

Day of Art and Design Schedule: 

8:45am-9am: Check in Taubman Center Lobby

9am - 9:20 am:  Brief presentation

9:30am-12noon: Morning Session

12pm -12:30pm: Lunch

12:30pm-3pm: Afternoon Session