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Drawing Studio – PCS 124

Drawing Studio – PCS 124

$ 3,695.00

Try something new during the two-day Fine Arts & Crafts Weekend Workshop: July 15-16.

Drawing Studio - PCS 124

Solid foundational drawing skills are key to every art and design discipline. Learn the basic concepts of observational drawing and develop a more volumetric approach. Students will work from live clothed models, still life and reference material.

THIS IS A GOOD CONCENTRATION IF YOU: Get inspired by the work of great masters. Sketch and doodle in class. Think abstractly. Want to build your portfolio but aren't sure which major is right for you.

Detailed Description:

Students and professional alike are sometimes challenged by their ability to quickly indicate visual ideas in an easily understandable form. Drawing Studio is designed to provide students with tools & methods that have as their goal the successful creation of original and compelling works of art. The class will break objects/subjects down to their most simply understood forms and content and accomplishing it all with simple tools.


Please select enrollment status, either Resident or Commuter.

July 9 – July 29, 2023

A deposit of $300 is due to register and reserve your spot for Precollege Summer Experience.
Pay-in-full registration is also available.
Final payment of remaining balance after deposit is due June 1, 2023.

Resident: $3,695
Includes room and board, most required art materials, full meal plan, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

Commuter: $3,245
Includes half board, most required art materials, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

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Additional information and general forms will follow registration via email from CampDocs.

Full and Partial Scholarships are Available - Application deadline is March 31, 2023: Apply Here.