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"3D Techniques" PCS116A - In Person

"3D Techniques" PCS116A - In Person

$ 900.00

3D Techniques

This course will familiarize the student with basic construction and fabrication techniques of the wood and metal shops at CCS.  Through the completion of a series of small projects, students will be introduced to the majority of tools and machines within the shops.  Students will also learn a wide variety of methods and techniques needed to safely complete future projects. Safety is the MOST essential function of this course.

Winter Semester: January 9 - May 6, 2023

  • PCS116A:  In person; Sat.  8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • (with a break from 11:15 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.)

Dual Enrollment

High school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors  may take CCS dual enrollment classes through CCS this Winter and save almost 80% of the cost of the class.  The cost of the $4,803 class is discounted to $900 for high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program. High school students living in Michigan may qualify for additional financial support through their school district. Complete the Dual Enrollment Application.

Build your portfolio, complete your prerequisites, and earn three college credits before you graduate from high school.  

Students will earn 3.0 transferable college credits.

 For more information about Dual Enrollment contact the Office of Precollege and Continuing Studies at 313.664.7456.