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2D Hand-Drawn Animation – PCS 112

2D Hand-Drawn Animation – PCS 112

$ 3,695.00

Try something new during the two-day Fine Arts & Crafts Weekend Workshop: July 15-16.

2D Hand-Drawn Animation 

Develop and enhance your hand-drawing and digital drawing techniques and apply your skills using computer animation software. Learn how to develop animation through ideation, storyboarding and character development.

This is a good concentration if you enjoy animated films. Like to develop your own stories and comics. Express yourself in both black-and-white and color.

Detailed Description

The techniques of traditional animation requires the animator to explore the basics of character design, layout, storyboarding, and technical issues related to nuts and bolts of animation action and characters. Specific areas covered include basics of weight, timing, reaction, posing, overlapping action, and the breaking of joints principal. This also includes animating emotion, jumps, personality, comedic and dramatic acting as well as technical skills such as compiling, presentation and learning to work in different styles.

Please select enrollment status, either Resident or Commuter.

July 9 - 29, 2023

A deposit of $300 is due to register and reserve your spot for Precollege Summer Experience. 

Pay-in-full registration is also available.
Final payment of remaining balance after deposit is due June 1.

Resident: $3,695
Includes room and board, most required art materials, full meal plan, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

Commuter: $3,245
Includes half board, most required art materials, on and offsite activities, college credit and studio time.

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Additional information and general forms will follow registration via email from CampDocs.

Full and Partial Scholarships are Available - Application deadline is March 31, 2023: Apply Here.