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Feb. 11 - April 1: Painting: Day and Night Scenes - ADRW 179 A

Feb. 11 - April 1: Painting: Day and Night Scenes - ADRW 179 A

$ 325.00


Explore the light of day and night in this painting course. Students will observe historical references of paintings that focus on illustrating the different times of day. Through this course you will learn how to identify and match color schemes to reference twilight, moonlight, and sunlight. Students will learn how to apply painting techniques such as cast shadows, high contrast, glazing, manipulation of soft edges and atmospheric perspective. An emphasis on color theory, mixing colors, composition, drawing, and other important aspects of an introductory painting course will be taught and practiced each week. Visual aids will be provided to practice painting for the first 2 classes but then students are encouraged to source their own visual aids for a final painting of their choice that will span the remaining 4 classes.

Erin Brott-Holtzman is a Michigan based visual artist & educator. Inspired by nature and driven  by curiosity to investigate the nuances that exist in daily life, she strives to visually express and  capture these occurrences through paint.

ADRW 179 A

Saturday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

February 11 - April 1 (no class February 18 or March 11)

6 sessions

18 SCECH Credits available for Michigan Educators


Ford Campus, Detroit


    Supply List:

    Paint Brushes

    Covered Palette (A palette with a lid that seals is ideal)

    Paper palette pad (Not necessary if you already have a glass/plastic palette)

    Water Rinse cup or bucket & paint rag

    Canvas Paper or Acrylic Paper Pad

    Acrylic Paint - Primary & secondary colors plus a larger proportion of black and white.

    Highly encouraged colors: Cadmium Yellow light, Cadmium Red Med, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Titanium White, dioxazine purple, Perm Green Light, Ivory Black.

    Acrylic Glazing Medium

    A canvas of your choice/size is needed for your final painting for classes 3-6 (size will be discussed in class). 

    Optional Supply List:

    Open Thinner

    Palette Knives

    Studio Apron

    Instructor will be demonstrating with and recommends acrylic & water soluble paints for this course but if you prefer oil painting that would also be an acceptable medium to create your final painting.

    CCS is moving towards water-based materials to provide a non-toxic/ chemical free art experience. Traditional solvents are no longer permitted in the studio. 

    Students wishing to work with oil paints are required to utilize the following:

    • Chelsea Lavender Spike Oil
    • Chelsea Fat Medium
    • Chelsea Lean Medium

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