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March 30 - April 2: Last Society Conference - WKSH-075 A

March 30 - April 2: Last Society Conference - WKSH-075 A

$ 75.00

Dates: March 30 - April 2, 2023

Conference Objectives:
The international Last Society Symposium 2023 (LSS2023) is a collegial congregation of like-minded shoe making enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Detroit MI. Symposium 2023 is intended to showcase Detroit’s footwear culture and bring to light the dedicated people living and working here. The goal is to bring people together around the love of all things footwear. Detroit has become in just a few short years a powerhouse in the fields of Design, Education, and Making of Footwear.

In our second Symposium we are making the agenda to suit a wide variety of interests. We will cover historic insights, traditional making techniques, and advanced technologies. You will also be able to meet some of the established players in our great city and tour some of the newest editions. Detroit is becoming the next footwear leader in the US as a result of the continuing success of CCS accessories program, Pingree Shoes community efforts as well as the newly relocated facilities of Pensole. In addition, Detroit has been chosen by several entities as a footwear base or satellite such as ArsSutoria Milan. For this year we are featuring multiple crafts people and design thinkers from around the world. We are offering an opportunity to showcase and network in our world leading facilities for anyone to get into any part of the footwear industry.


Past meets the Present:

● Marcell Mrsan: Bespoke shoemaker
● Sarah Guerin: Western bootmaker
● Tom Carbone: Jevero CAD based patterning demo.
● Gravity Sketch: Design in VR; multi-user demo.
● Diane Becker; Giorio Testi: Italian vegetable tanning group.

Cost: $75 (food not included)

Free to CCS Faculty/Staff/Students


Thursday, March 30: 

  • 5pm. Conference Opening Remarks by Chair Aki Choklat 
  • 5pm-8pm: Guest exhibition : The Tuscan Vegtan Consortium presents Craft the Leather: Shoes
  • International guests Diane Becker/Giorgio Testi

Friday, March 31: 

  • 9am-1pm: Marcell Mrsan:  Fundamentals of Crimping from pattern to machine demonstration. 
  •  2pm-4pm: Gravity Sketch: GS footwear jam. Open to all. Headsets available.

Saturday, April 1:  

  •   9am-1pm: Sarah Guerin: Sarah will demonstrate a handsewn welted side-seam technique with an embedded pull strap, traditional to Western bootmaking.
  •   2pm-4pm: Tom Carbone:Jevero CAD based patterning demo.

 Sunday, April 2:  

  •  10am-1pm      Closing Panel.