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Fall Adult Courses 16+

Maybe you've had a lifelong desire to blow glass but never had the chance to explore it. Or maybe you're looking to spark your creative spirit. Whether your motivation is personal satisfaction or your career, our non-degree courses will help you explore your interests and hone your skills with instructors who are experts in their fields. Start by checking out your options here. And if you're interested, take a course. You'll be glad you did.
A drawing of multicolored, scattered fall leaves.

Botanical Drawing: Fall Color - ADRW 290 A

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Two people in a foundry wearing hard hats pour hot, molten metal.

Casting in the Foundry - AVIS 150 A

A woman sits at a table choosing design pictures from magazines, which are spread around the table.

Elements of Interior Design - ADRW 261 A

A young woman creates enameled jewelry in a class.

Enameled Jewelry - AVIS 140 A

A woman sits at a drawing board, sketching a reclined model who is across the room.

Figure Drawing - ADRW 301 A & B

A young woman sits at a computer and uses Photoshop to enhance a photograph of a man sitting on a bench.

Intro to Photoshop® - AGRC 265 A

A woman takes a picture using a DSLR camera outside.

Introduction to Digital Cameras - AVIS 300 A

A young man sewing a piece of leather on a sewing machine.

Make Your Own Leather Shopper - AVIS 012 A

A man sitting at an industrial sewing machine shows a woman, standing, how to sew a piece of orange leather.

NEW! Design and Make a Leather Backpack - AVIS 014 A

A woman paints a portrait of another woman, who is pregnant and wearing a red dress.

Oil Painting - ADRW 071 A

A young woman in a glassblowing studio takes red molten glass and shapes it using specialized tools for glassblowing art.

Saturday Glassblowing - AVIS 285 A&C

A teenager uses a screenprinting screen to make an orange and yellow poster.

Screenprinting Today - AVIS 160 A

A young woman in a glassblowing studio cuts the top off a purple vessel.

Sunday Glassblowing - AVIS 285 B&D

A woman pins a dress on a mannequin; another woman sits at a sewing machine.

Sewing 1 and 2 - AEXP 073 A & 074 A

An ivory silk corset modeled on a mannequin.

Victorian Corset Making - AEXP 085 A

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Welded Metal Sculpture - AVIS 056 A

Welded Metal Sculpture - AVIS 056 A

Woman sitting at a desk illustrating a shoe with a pen.

Footwear Illustration - WKSH 160 A

A woman's hands practicing calligraphy on a notebook; on the table are a mug of matcha and baby's breath.

Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy - AEXP 180 A

Dark-blue-and-white dyed shibori fabric, folded.

Shibori - AVIS 123 A

A woman in a low-lit photography studio adjusting lighting.

Photographing Artwork - WKSH 161 A

A woman sits on the floor of the Detroit Institute of Art sketching in front of a classical sculpture.

NEW! Write Poetry About Art! - WKSH 193 A

A young woman listening to music draws a comic or graphic novel at a table.

Graphic Novel - AGRC 217 P

A young woman sits at a computer and uses the InDesign program.

Intro to Adobe InDesign® - AGRC 284 P

Woman sitting at a table painting a tree with watercolors.

Watercolor Painting - ADRW 163 P