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"Figurative Illustration 1"  Online

"Figurative Illustration 1" Online

$ 900.00

Figurative Illustration 1

An illustrator tells stories and the figure is the core of many stories. This means figure drawing is a key skill for any illustrator to master. This class is the first step towards that goal. Our primary subject will be the live nude figure model. The student will be pushed to develop a linear process for creating a figurative drawing from beginning to end using a variety of drawing materials. This process will be supplemented by extensive study of art history, light and shadow, proportion, and basic anatomy and drapery.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Proportionately measure the figure.
  • Construct the figure with simple shapes.
  • Draw the figure with volume and energy
  • Use an understanding of structure to inform organic observational drawing
  • Map shadows onto a structural drawing in order to communicate lighting on a figure.
  • Draw a figure from life in the correct proportion using simple construction and measuring
  • Understand how to use various media to create the desired drawings and effects
  • Articulate how the figure has been represented in art history through an understanding of past and current figurative artists. 
  • Understand how to prioritize time when drawing a quick pose versus a long pose.
  • Understand basic drapery and be able to simplify effectively.
  • Separate a figure into simple light and dark shapes.

Fall Semester September 5-December 16

  • PCS147XB Online with designated meeting times TTH 4-6:45pm est.
  • PCS147XA Online with designated meeting times MW  5-7:45pm est. 

Dual Enrollment

High school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors  may take CCS dual enrollment classes through CCS this Fall and save almost 80% of the cost of the class.  The cost of the $4,995 class is discounted to $900 for high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program. Classes are available online and as a hybrid of online and in person classes. 

High school students living in Michigan may qualify for additional financial support through their school district. Complete the Dual Enrollment Application here: https://forms.gle/F3oKh9PHwuhJwdRbA

Build your portfolio, complete your prerequisites, and earn three college credits before you graduate from high school.  

Students will earn 3.0 transferable college credits.

For more information about Dual Enrollment contact the Office of Precollege and Continuing Studies at 313.664.7456.

Scholarship Opportunity:

A limited number of scholarships are available for high school students to take "Figurative Illustration 1" through the "Design for an Equitable Future" grant from GM.  Apply for a scholarship by April 15, 2023.