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"Communication Design Typography 1" PCS 150 C - In Person

"Communication Design Typography 1" PCS 150 C - In Person

$ 900.00

Communication Design - Typography 1

September 8 - December 16 / Monday, Wednesday 4-6:45pm

This course will be held in person at the Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education in Detroit.

Develop an understanding of two-dimensional design space and the unique nature of typographic communication principles. Through a series of projects centered around the role of type in communication design, students develop an understanding of typographic aesthetics, concepts of organization, understanding language based messages to achieve a particular hierarchy, while emphasizing the role of analog and digital tools to achieve well-crafted solutions with specific communication intent.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify typographic nomenclature, typographic message structure (hierarchy), principles of 2D proportional and compositional strategies in a typographic context at an introductory level. 
  2. Demonstrate the function of formal design components such as typography, formats, colors, images, and symbols to achieve defined communication goals.
  3. Identify the role of an iterative design process that through a series of steps moves the projects from ideas to informed design solutions. 
  4. Illustrate the relevance of well-crafted messages in a physical and digital context.

Required course for all Communication Design majors.

Students will have access to Adobe Creative Suite through CCS for the duration of this course.  See below for technical requirements.

  • Review the directions for MacOS
  • Review the directions for Windows
  • Technical requirements

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    Build your portfolio, complete your prerequisites, and earn three college credits before you graduate from high school.  

    Students will earn 3.0 transferable college credits.

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