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Certificate of Design Thinking for K-12 Art Educators

The world is in need of creative thinkers, now more than ever. The designers of the future will be the changemakers, problem solvers, and path makers of the world. This certificate program is designed to give K-12 teachers the tools to support and nurture the future designers of the world.

Teachers will earn SCECH points while creating lesson plans and content to bring to their classrooms. Each unit will include an exploration of careers, with guest appearances from CCS alumni and professional designers.

The Program

The program is divided up into modules that can be taken in any order once the first module is completed. This accommodates the schedules of K12 educators, allowing them to move through modules at their own pace and selecting modules that meet their needs.

Students/teachers participating in the certificate program will employ design thinking as a framework for exploring contemporary topics in art education. Some examples of topics offered as modules include social justice, online learning, and reflective practice. All modules will involve some aspect of curriculum design that art teachers can immediately map onto their current teaching context, essentially putting theory into practice.

A minimum of four modules beyond the first foundational module must be completed to receive the certificate, totaling 150 SCECH hours. Click the image below to find out more and register for the first module.

Sept. 20 - Nov 12 "Art of Design Thinking for Educators" Module 1  WKSH 101 OA

Sept. 20 - Nov 12 "Art of Design Thinking for Educators" Module 1 WKSH 101 OA