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After School Art Clubs - Ages 11-13

Looking for something to do after school this fall?  Join a club.  CCS is putting together small group classes over zoom that bring creative kids together in a safe environment.  Each club will meet once a week for seven weeks and focus on a different area of art and design.  So if you like animation, we have a club for you.  If you like drawing cars, we have a club for you. If you like Japanese Manga, you guessed it.  We have a club for you.  

Classes are held live using Zoom.  Join interactive sessions led by CCS's renowned faculty and industry professionals, and give your young fashion designer a fun and supportive environment to excite and grow their creative spirit!  Work alongside your teacher and make new friends with similar interests.   Benefit from asking questions in real time. Everyone gets individualized attention and shares in the fun!  At the end of the day's session, students will be given a project to explore independently before the next session. After School Online Art clubs are limited to 10 members and one teacher.   

Find your people!  Make new friends! Learn new skills!

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